Park Sponsorship Opportunities


Now is the time to pledge your financial support to help Build Our Park. The city has accepted the park’s plan with the agreement that a portion of the construction costs be raised from private support. Several opportunities exist to make your gift: you can join the Founder’s Circle, you can consider including the park in your estate, you can even name a feature of the park in honor of a loved one or in the name of your organization.

Following are premier naming and sponsorship opportunities providing park benefactors with unparalleled venues for recognition.

Park TITLE SPONSOR - $500,000 *

Our downtown park has been planned by renowned urban park planner Ken Smith, and represents an inviting realization of available space. With areas for relaxing and playing, concerts and performances, as well as an increase in room for our farmer’s market, the park design is thoughtful and creative. Imagine walking the sweeping promenade on a beautiful day and feeling connected to nature and to your community.

* Permanent Naming Rights


A signature activity downtown is our robust and vibrant Farmer’s Market. Saturdays and Tuesdays come alive with neighbors talking and vendors offering their locally sourced wares. Shortly after the Turner Pavilion was constructed, the Farmer’s Market grew so popular that vending space became oversubscribed. The planned expansion would allow for more events as well as new amenities including a stage and a display kitchen.

* $250,000 for 25 years, or $125,000 for 10 years name rights with right of first refusal to renew.


For many, the most inviting feature of our downtown park will be the Great Lawn. Combining the existing green space adjacent to Turner Pavilion with the property formerly occupied by two structures recently demolished, the Great Lawn, framed by a gracefully arcing promenade lined with trees, will provide a lush expanse for visitors and a beautiful site for concerts and festivals.

* $200,000 for 25 years, or $100,000 for 10 years naming rights with right of first refusal to renew.


With the Explore More Discovery Museum already bringing tens of thousands of families downtown, the addition of a playground in the park could attract even more families to make a day out of visiting our downtown. Designed to ignite the imaginations of children — and provide parents a comfortable place to watch and interact — the park playground is an exciting feature that children, parents and grandparents will love.

* $200,000 for 25 years, or $100,000 for 10 years naming rights with right of first refusal to renew.


Quiet gardens in urban spaces provide an oasis to residents and visitors. Imagine the calming sound of a fountain in the lush green garden and the contented visitors gathering around for picnics and relaxing.

* $150,000 for 25 years, or $75,000 for 10 years naming rights with right of first refusal to renew.


The sound of moving water is one of the most pleasing. Downtown park visitors will be naturally drawn to the calming sound of the Market Plaza Fountain, a central feature of the park.

* $150,000 for 25 years, or $75,000 for 10 years naming rights with right of first refusal to renew.


Pergola - $120,000 *
Playground Feature 1 - $90,000
Playground Feature 2 - $80,000
Playground Feature 3 - $50,000
Kitchen Prep Area - $50,000
Performance and Staging Area - $50,000
* $120,000 for 25 years or $60,000 for 10 years naming rights with right of first refusal to renew.


Pavilion Addition - $1,000 *
Playground Tunnel and bridge - $18,000
Playground slides - $8,000 **

Promenade Benches - $2,500 **
Plaza Picnic Tables - $3,500 **
Bike racks - $800 **
Wooden Benches - $250 **
Trash Receptacles - $1,000 **
Drinking Fountain - $5,000
Stage Hookups - $15,000 **

Promenade Trees - $750 **
Urban Plaza Trees - $750 **
Parking Island Trees - $500 **
Street Trees - $750 **
Park Evergreen Trees - $450 **
Park Shade Trees - $650 **
Lawn Area Freestanding Seat Walls - $45,000
Lawn Area Stone Retaining Wall - $25,000
Lawn Area Stepping Stones - $1,000 **

* Recognized at a central park location
** Each

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